My name is Suziee! I am 22 years young, and live in Tennessee. I love to write and enjoy helping others! During my adolescence years I was molested by 2 family members. Growing into my adult hood I was faced with many obstacles. Ranging from living in a domestic abuse home to being confronted with yet another family predator; my step father. My story was never really told therefore actions did not take place .  So 17 years later I’m sharing my stories and hoping  to help raise awareness on  subjects such as these.  Sexual abuse, Domestic abuse and many other obstacles are faced by  people  everyday, but no-one ever speaks on them. I want to change that. I want to be the voice for those people, starting by telling my story first. Everyone deserves a voice and Everyone deserves to be heard. I hope me telling my truth will help others open up as well. You aren’t alone. Its time to BREAK THE SILENCE!!!!!Suziee

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