Breaking The Silence

Suziee Speaks!

Suziee Speaks to me is deeper than just being words, deeper than just a phrase, and deeper than just being a title. I thought long and hard about what I wanted my blogging name to be and what I wanted people to know me as. After thinking long and hard one day I fell asleep and when I woke its was as if I had all the answers. Suziee Speaks stuck out to me and was the only name I couldn’t get out of my mind.

Suziee isn’t my government name, it’s a nickname given to me by one of my cousins when we were close. My real name being Jade, growing up I always hated that my name was so short. For some reason I still always had to correct people on its pronunciation. “Jada, Jewel, or Joy” were a few of the wrong names I’d been called over the years. For a summer I went to Tennessee and while there my cousins gave me the nickname suziee and from then on out that’s what I have been to everyone, Suziee!

Suziee to me is like an alter ego. It gives me a chance to be Someone different. If you’ve ever met me then you know I’m  quiet and reserved and stick to myself or the people I know. Suziee, I like to think of as the more open side of me though. Less reserved and more fun.

Speaks at the end of Suziee speaks is just as important to me. I specifically chose both words. I chose speaks because I am opening up and telling my story. I am talking. I am doing something I haven’t done before and that’s opening up to people I don’t even know. I don’t talk to everyone so people don’t know me nor understand me, I figured it’s time I changed that.

With me being so reserved and quiet I decided that me opening up I needed a name that represented that. Suziee Speaks is actually an ironic name to me. It’s the opposite of what everyone is used to getting from me. People who know me are used to me shying away from the spotlight and not saying much. Most people who know me will say I am quiet, which is true unless I’m comfortable around you.

All in All Suziee Speaks represents me using my voice. It represents me breaking out of my shell and letting loose. Suziee Speaks is me using my “alter ego”, my fun more open side and turning it into something positive.The name itself is encouraging, because for so long I was in a shell afraid to just be me. In this process I have found myself, and my voice and I’m ready to use it!!!

What’s your alter ego go to name?

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