Breaking The Silence


The Me Too movement (or “#MeToo“, with local alternatives in other languages) is a movement against sexual harassment and assault. #MeToo spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace.” The MeToo movement is a movement that means so much to  me and so many other people because it gives us a chance to connect with other people who understand us as well as allows us to educate those around the world about sexual abuse.

To me the MeToo Movement gave me the courage to talk about my past. I realized that I was not alone, I wasn’t the only girl out there sexually abused. This meant that there was someone out there who could relate to me and understand the things I say and the way that I feel. #MeToo is powerful because it shows the world in numbers that sexual abuse and assault is a major issue.The MeToo movement has received a lot of publicity both good and bad. There are those that disagree with the movement and those that support it. Overall any controversy is good controversy because it stays important and by everyone talking about it, no one forgets it.

To me, MeToo says “we are here together with a story to tell and you will listen.” I want to and will soon share my story with the world.  In the months leading up to this I looked and searched for others like me and ended up finding a group. This MeToo group is a group of millions of people whom are just like me. In this group everyone supports one another and gives advice as to how to over come something that is associated with the past abuse. This MeToo movement helped me find a place where I finally fit in.

I don’t believe the media and the public truly understand how important this movement is to so many of us but I wish that could grasp that for once in our lives we feel at home. That for once in our lives we have people who relate to us and don’t judge us by our past but help in aiding our healing process. They don’t understand how it feels to finally be encouraged to tell your story because you finally realize that you aren’t alone and that someone will listen.

I am hopeful that the MeToo movement doesn’t end but gets bigger. Big enough that the world has no choice but to listen and do something about the wrong doing to women all across the world. I wish for a second people could feel the pain, the hurt that so many of us have been faced with everyday. Lastly, I wish that everyone could understand us and all of the things we have had to go through. Most people don’t like the MeToo movement because it’s something that we all know is going on in the world but no one likes to talk about it. The truth is often a hard pill to swallow. The MeToo movement is that pill for the world because in ignoring it people don’t have to deal with the consequences caused by abuse. In accepting the movement means that people who aren’t victims have the potential of being held accountable when they don’t do anything. People fear doing something because of what others may think.  No one likes to go against the grain. Truth is whether they accept us or not We are here to stay, Our voices have been woken up from the pits of the past and we have lots to say I just pray the world listens.

My life has been torn between abuse after abuse after abuse.  I am now 22-year-old and just now able to begin working on rebuilding myself from my past. My dream is to one day succeed in my career as a victim advocate specializing in abuse because I want to help as many people as I can over come obstacles and not be consumed by the things they have been through. I want to accomplish my goal so that I can go out and help as many people as I can. So, that I can sit each and every one of them down and say ; ” I made it and so can you.”” Your life matters, You are not your past” If they ask how I know my response would be “MeToo!”

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